RA-1 Stop Sign
RA-1t – All-Way (Text)
RA-2 – Yield
RA-2t – Yield (Text)
RB-1 – Maximum Speed
RB-1a – Maximum Speed With Km/Hour
RB-2 – Maximum Speed Begins
RB-3 – Maximum Speed Km/H Begins
RB-5 – Maximum Speed Ahead
RB-6 – School Zone Maximum Speed
RB-6a – School Zone Maximum Speed When Flashing
RB-7t – Km/H
RB-9 – Cross Other Side
RB-10 – No Straight
RB-10a – No Straight Times/Days
RB-10t – Buses Excepted
RB-11  – No Right Turns
RB-11a – No Right Turns Times/Days
RB-12  – No Left Turns
RB-12a – No Left Turns Times/Days
RB-13  – No Straight/Right Turns
RB-14  – No Left/Straight Turns
RB-15  – No Left/Right Turns
RB-16  – No U-Turns
RB-16t  – Except Authorized Vehicles
RB-19  – Do Not Enter
RB-19t  – Do Not Enter (Text)
RB-20 – Wrong Way
RB-21 – One Way
RB-24 – Two-Way Traffic
RB-25 – Merge Right
RB-27 – Through Traffic Keep Right
RB-30 – Lane Split In 2 km
RB-30a – Lane Split
RB-31 – No Passing
RB-33 – Keep Right Except To Pass
RB-35 – Pass With Care
RB-35t – Pass With Care (Text)
RB-36 – Yield Centre Lane to Opposing Traffic
RB-37 – Stop For School Bus When Signals Flashing
RB-37t – Both Directions (Text)
RB-39 – No Truck In This Lane OverheadRB-39 – No Truck In This Lane Overhead
RB-40 – No Truck Over 6.5m HeightRB-40 – No Truck Over 6.5m Height
RB-41 – Left Turn Only
RB-41t – Left Lane (Text)
RB-42 – Right Turn Only
RB-42t – Right Lane (Text)
RB-43 – Left/Straight Only
RB-44 – Straight/Right Only
RB-45 – Left/Right Only
RB-46 – Left/Straight/Right Only
RB-47 – Straight Only
RB-48 – Turn Left/Right
RB-48a – Centre Lane Turn Left/Right Only
RB-51 – No Parking Left/RightRB-51 – No Parking Left/Right
RB-52 – No Parking Days/Times
RB-53 – Parking Days/Times 30m
RB-54 – No Standing
RB-54a – No Standing Times Left/Right
RB-55 – No Stopping Left/RightRB-55 – No Stopping Left/Right
RB-56 – No Stopping Times/Days Left/Right
RB-57 – No Parking Snow Route
RB-58 – Emergency Parking Only
RB-60 – No Farm Equipment
RB-61 – Trucks Permitted
RB-61t – Trucks Permitted RoutesRB-61t – Trucks Permitted Routes
RB-62 – No Trucks
RB-62a – No Trucks Times
RB-63 – Max Weight 10 Tonnes
RB-63a – Maximum Weight
RB-64 – Snowmobile Permitted
RB-65 – No Snowmobiles
RB-67 – No Bicycles
RB-68 – No Pedestrians/Bicycles
RB-69 – Bicycles Permitted
RB-70 – Dismount and Walk
RB-76 – Load Restriction In Effect
RB-78 – Stop Here On Red Signal
RB-79 – No Turn On RedRB-79 – No Turn On Red
RB-80 – Advanced Green When Flashing
RB-82 – Dangerous Goods Route
RB-83 – Dangerous Goods ProhibitedRB-83 – Dangerous Goods Prohibited
RB-84 – Reserved Bicycle LaneRB-84 – Reserved Bicycle Lane
RB-84t/85t – Begins Tab/ Ends TabRB-84t/85t – Begins Tab/ Ends Tab
RB-87 – Reserved Lane Multiple Vehicle ClassesRB-87 – Reserved Lane Multiple Vehicle Classes
RB-88 – 3 or More Persons
RB-90a – Construction Zone BeginsRB-90a – Construction Zone Begins
RB-90b – Construction Zone EndsRB-90b – Construction Zone Ends
RB-91 – Yield To Oncoming Traffic
RB-92 – Road Closed
RB-93 – No Parking-Permit Only
RB-94 – No Standing-Permit Only
RA-4 – Pedestrian Crossing (X)
RA-4t – Stop For Pedestrians (Text)
RA-6 – Cross on Green Light Only
RA-8 – Cross Only At Crossover
RA-9 – Cross Other Side
RA-9a – Cross Other Side (Symbol)
RA-10 – No Passing, Here To Crossing
RA-11 – Pedestrian Push Button
RA-12 – Pedestrian Push Button
RC-9 – Community Safety Zone