Traffic Control

Lane Closures

On Track Safety provides services for lane closures. We provide traffic control crews, trucks and all necessary equipment. Lane closures occur on municipal roads and freeways by shifting the flow of traffic or closing lanes all together. Closures on freeways require a Truck with a Mounted Attenuator (TMA) along with a Traffic Control Crew. A TMA protects the crew and vehicular traffic while motoring around the construction zone.

Flagging Crew

On Track safety provides flagging services. Traffic control technicians flag the drivers using stop/slow paddles. Each crew is comprised of flaggers, a truck and all necessary equipment. Flagging crews operate on regional and municipal roads. The purpose of the crew is to provide the motoring public, cyclists and pedestrians with the opportunity to safely move around and through construction sites.

Traffic Detours
& Diversions

Detours & Diversions are set up to move vehicular traffic in an alternate route than what would normally be taken, navigating traffic around construction zones. On Track Safety provides a traffic control crew, a truck and all necessary equipment required to complete the job. All Traffic Diversions require a traffic management plan which On Track Safety can provide.

Traffic Management

Traffic management plans are a requirement in obtaining a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP) allowing work on freeways, regional and municipal roads. Working with your specific needs, On Track Safety will create Traffic Management Plans with all required sign and equipment placement conforming to Book 7 for you to obtain approval for a ROP.